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Amateur Radio Station - K6HP

Ed Parsons

Calaveras County

California - U.S.A.

Grid:  CM98

ITU Zone:  6    CQ Zone:  3


CW Ops : 1267
SKCC :  5772
NAQCC :  7756
FISTS :  16109
:  36430
MARAC : R4563
OMISS : 7019
A-1 Op
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The beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California

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My son, Garrett, received his Technician Class license on October 7, 2011.  Garrett received the call sign of KJ6RUW for his Technician License.  Garrett then studied for the General and Extra exams and subsequently passed both license tests, on the same day.  His new license was granted on February 14, 2012!  Garrett was issued a new Extra Class call sign of KZ6S on May 26, 2012.  Congratulations Garrett !

The next project will be to implement some type of HF antenna at his home QTH with consideration for the C.C.&R. restrictions that will limit what can be installed.  Hopefully, a new HF station will be on the air from Garrett's QTH soon.


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